Global Game Jam 2017

Alright, it’s last minute, but it’s on. Below is the link to sign-up for this year’s Five College Global Game Jam!

This year will be a 24-hour event hosted at UMass Amherst which runs from Saturday (21) to Sunday (22). More details to come, but register here if you want to join in. Earlier the better please.

For those who need a Global Game Jam 101 refresher, here you go! This is a game development event for EVERYONE (new devs, old devs, kids, parents, students and pros). The goal is to initiate, design, develop and deploy a game over the course of a day or so with a team of peoples you’ve never worked with. Sounds fun right? It is! The goal isn’t to create the best game in the world, in fact, many times the worst game the better. It’s about the experience and the freedom you get by letting go and seeing where a minimal game dev approach can take you when you MUST complete the project in the end no matter what.

Plan for an all-nighter and/or very little sleep. There will be computers and game making materials, but bringing your own gear is highly encouraged.

We’ll post more details over the next few weeks.


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