MTP: Pitch & Interest Event v1.0

Hey Devs,

In celebration of the upcoming Canada Day, we’re holding our first game Pitch & Interest event at Another Castle on July 1st! If you’re interested in pitching or collaborating on a project, we encourage you to fill out this quick survey by June 30th. It’s not required, but it will help us facilitate the event better. It’s also kind of a karma thing.

Here’s how this works:

1) Think of a pitch for a game idea.
2) Show up and present a 3-5 minute pitch of your idea and then talk to other devs about your idea.
3) Listen to other game developers pitch their ideas and think of ways you may want to contribute to help others make their ideas happen.
4) Profit (or at least have fun).

During the event, we’ll help facilitate introductions and help hone in on your idea.

After the event is over, we’ll make all pitches accessible to the group so people can follow up.

Easy peasy.

Other things to consider to make your game pitch successful.
– Think as big as you’d like, but aim small. Games take time to make. Try to think about your game as a prototype. Something that could be accomplished in 1 month or less for an initial goal.
– While it’s beneficial to have a great theme and narrative, make sure people can play your game. Hone in on your core game mechanics!
– Stay flexible and open in your design. Consider other people’s input. People will be more likely to contribute if you allow them to be a part of your design.
– Keep your pitch concise.
– Be flexible on development platforms.
– Most importantly, have fun with this. Your game idea may not be picked. If it isn’t, consider everyone’s feedback and revise your pitch for our next Pitch & Interest event!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas!

Pat | PVGD

ps. Canada Day is on July 1st (and I’m half Canadian), but it has very little to do with the actual event otherwise.