Nov. 2018- Jesse Crafts-Finch – Intro to FlatRedBall

Hi Devs!

As developers it is important for us to stay aware of the various tools available on the market. Jesse Crafts-Finch of Gorilla Tactics, will be presenting a short tutorial on FlatRedBall, a free game development platform built in C# which provides a compelling alternative to Unity’s 2D offerings.

In this tutorial Jesse will cover how to setup a new project, write some simple gameplay code, add some animations, and create a simple user interface using FlatRedBall’s toolset. Weather you are an indie or a AAA developer, you’ll find this tutorial informative and useful when considering what toolset to use in your next project. This presentation will have a balance of GUI and Code development so is suitable for game developers from all specializations.

You can read more about Jesse and his company Gorilla Tactics at:

And more about the FlatRedBall engine at