In The Year 2021

COVID changed all our lives in 2020, but our community managed to persist and grow.
Despite the shift to online formats, we’ve continued to have our monthly meetups and speaking events via Zoom, Discord, or Twitch.

We also hosted the GGJ in 2021 under our co-working space name, and had record attendance! The loss of the in-person element put a minor damper on the event, but the added structure of being at our computers lead to a more organized process and ability to take more time for each group to show off their creations. It still managed to be as memorable an event as prior years.

In August, fluctuations in the wider games industry and key local businesses resulted in us moving our co-working space “Another Castle” from its original home to the Greenspace Co-Working offices on Main St. in Greenfield, with our original core member group.