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Hey Devs, 

We highly support an event happening in Boston this Saturday called GameLoop. PVGD members receive $10 off ticket price if you use the discount code below. It’s a great event and if you stick around until the closing session,  there’s an opportunity to win 1 Unity Pro license and 5 tickets to Unite Boston!  Sign-up at eventbrite and feel free to use the comments on this invite to let others in our group know if you are going and can offer/need a ride.

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Register Here:
Discount ($10 off) signup code: PIONEER

What is GameLoop?

GameLoop is an unconference. You’ll have great conversations with other knowledgeable game devs about topics you want to discuss.  For a bit over $60 you get:

What’s an Unconference?

An unconference is an event where, first thing that morning, people discuss what topics they want to cover.  People then pitch those topics as sessions.  The moderators (Scott Macmillan & team) then curate all the proposals, creating the schedule for the day.

The sessions are usually in a free-form roundtable discussion format.  There’s a lot of back and forth.  And if you want to keep talking about that topic after the session ends, you just move the conversation to the hallway.

Is GameLoop worth it?

This will be the 7th GameLoop that we’ve run; usually we have about 125+ participants.  Many of those folks are repeat attendees.  Devs from as far away as San Francisco attend, and we’ve had devs from big-name studios like Irrational (R.I.P.), Harmonix, BioWare Montreal, and Bethesda Game Studios; we’ve had devs from super-awesome indie studios like Dejobaan, Owlchemy Labs, and The Molasses Flood.

We’ve usually gotten very high marks from our participants; the best compliment we’ve gotten is that GameLoop is like a day full of all the best hallway conversations you’d have at GDC, but without the giant price tag and hit-or-miss sessions.

If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to attend GameLoop, check out David Evans’ blog post from 2011 and Maddy Myers’ article about 2012.  There are also some great pictures out there from 2011.

What kind of sessions usually happen?

• We’ve had sessions about:

• Ethics in rulesets

• Distributed version control

• Dealing with mental health issues as a game dev

• iPhone shaders

• Indie marketing

• Illusionary gameplay

• Prototyping

• Outsider games

• Asymmetric multiplayer… and a lot more! 


Date:  Saturday August 15th, 2015 Location: Microsoft NERD in Cambridge, MA


• 8:30am: Doors open! Breakfast is served! (Please show up as close to here as possible, we get cracking at 9am.)

• 9am-10am: Opening meeting where we spend an hour getting to know each other’s shared interests.

• 10am-10:30am: Informally vote on proposed sessions and put those on the Big Board

• 10:30am: First session!

• 6:30pm: Last session ends.  We have a wrap-up meeting, head out for beers.  Maybe even boardgames later that night.

In from out of town?

If you’re coming from outside Boston, we are more than happy to try and set you up with crash space while you’re here for GameLoop. Just let us know if you’d like that and we’ll see if we can arrange it. We can also recommend nearby hotels.


PLEASE NOTE: By registering for GameLoop, you agree to our abide by our Anti-Harassment Policy.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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