Global Game Jam | Planning Session

   January 1, 2019   Comments Off on Global Game Jam | Planning Session

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Hey devs,

We’re deviating from our normally scheduled MAKE TALK PLAY programming to focus on final planning for the 2019 Global Game Jam being held at the end of January.

However! This is open to all as we’re looking for help setting sorting through the details. If you’re interested in volunteering or offering ideas for how to make Global Game Jam the best one we’ve hosted so far please drop by Another Castle and help us out.

Also, we have our annual Bigger Better Bowl coming up in February. We’ll be posting more on this later, but will be discussing what games to play…and maybe even test some out at this meetup.

Hoping everyone has a Happy New Year and we look forward to connecting more in 2019!

Pat | PVGD