MAKE TALK PLAY – AR for Tango (now with zombies!)

   October 23, 2016   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY – AR for Tango (now with zombies!)

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November…freaking November. And early November at that! It’s close enough to Halloween, but yet…doesn’t feel right to keep wearing that German beer enthusiast costume (wee ha, yah?). 

Well! If you’re suffering from the post-Halloween blues, we have the magic milk to keep you going. Paul Hake of HitPoint Studios and Pat King of PVGD will be discussing zombies. Real zombies that appear in your house. REAL freaking zombies that are in your house and walk ‘all-up-at-you’ and try to EAT YOUR COLOR!

The good news? You can blast them right back with color to stop them! Come celebrate with HitPoint Studios and learn about the technology and game development tactics behind the launch of Crayola Blaster! – A Crayola (the freakin’ crayon company) AR game that lets kids and adults paint their world. It turns any room into a life-sized coloring book!

The Crayola Blaster app is launching November 1st, on the Lenovo Phab2 Pro – the first Google Tango equipped consumer mobile device.