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   August 31, 2017   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY | Game Design & Development Hangout

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Hey devs!

September is always an exciting time of year in the Pioneer Valley. The summer’s short nights become fewer and fewer as photoperiodism ignites the foliage with fresh palette of colors. Take a big sniff in the air…aaaaah…you smell that?  That’s the unique aroma of new and returning college students to the valley!  Exciting!  

This month, MAKE TALK PLAY is all about networking with other devs in the area. If you’re new to the group, read below. If you’re old, stop being so grumpy and come out!


Pat & The PVGD

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We are the Pioneer Valley Game Developers and we host a networking event for game developers in the area called MAKE TALK PLAY. This event occurs every first Sunday of the month.

If you haven’t been to one of our events, please come down and meet us!  Here are some things that may interest you about our group: 

• This event (MAKE TALK PLAY) is always FREE.

• If you haven’t been to The Quarters, it’s a barcade (bar+arcade) with a great menu and people!

• We’ve been organizing game dev events for 3+ years (networking, workshops, game jams, conferences).

• We co-run a co-working game dev space in Greenfield.

• We have an active strong social network community.

• Members includes students, professionals, studios, educators, hobbyists

• This group is always friendly and welcoming to all. 

Come hang out!

Organizers of the PVGD