MAKE TALK PLAY: Game Dev Co-working

   June 21, 2017   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY: Game Dev Co-working

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Hey Devs!

Paul Hake of HitPoint Studios is moving forward with a game dev co-working space to open in Greenfield this year (maybe even in the next couple of months) and wants the PVGD support!

Come join Paul and the PVGD at the next MAKE TALK PLAY and learn the latest about the space, prices, amenities and what you can do to sign up and start making games in a co-working space that’s designed specifically for, well, developing games. 

Of course, we’ll do the usual stuff of hanging out, talking, eating little hot dogs, playing indie and arcade games and enjoying each other’s company. 

It’s on! 

Pat | PVGD