MAKE TALK PLAY: Game Dev Social & Networking

   May 15, 2018   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY: Game Dev Social & Networking

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Hello all!

We are the Pioneer Valley Game Developers and we are looking for other game developers in the Pioneer Valley to connect with! We host monthly meetups for people just like you looking to talk about game development.

If you haven’t been (or haven’t attended in a while), you should come and see what’s happening. There is a bustling game developer community in our area. We have professionals, studios, students, hobbyists and just plane old curious people looking to figure out all of this works. We’re all in the same boat. The good news is, there are quite a few of us that understand how this works and we want to help.

So come out, socialize, play some multiplayer games on the projector, share your games & ideas and figure out how we can help you level up in the game industry.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Pat | PVGD