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   October 22, 2015   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY – GlowLime Games

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Hi Devs, 

This month at MAKE TALK PLAY we’re going to hear from a long time member, first time presenter, Isaiah Mann who’s organizing something incredibly cool at Hampshire College, a student run organization that functions like a startup game development studio called GlowLime Games! 

Why this is important?  

• Reason #1: It’s a funded development studio.

• Reason #2: That makes games.

• Reason #3: Led by professionals in the industry.

• Reason #4: That is exactly what the Pioneer Valley needs. 

We want more game development studios! That’s more people in the area that knows what going on in the game dev world. That’s resources available to other game devs to learn from.  We want to see this happen.  So especially if you’re a student, please come out, listen to Isaiah’s ideas, offer your support and help make this concept a reality. 


Pat | Pioneer Valley Game Developers


GlowLime Games is an initiative to foster game development and interdisciplinary collaboration at Hampshire College and the Five Colleges at large. 

It’s an organization structured much like a startup that brings together collaborators across disciplines to develop video games. This project is steeped in the humanities: art & narrative, and mind/brain cognition: programming & computer science. 

GlowLime empowers involved students to develop and publish projects they’ll be proud to share and put on their portfolios, and will prepare them to enter the field of game development in a way that technical coursework cannot.