MAKE TALK PLAY | Intro to Godot (it’s so hot right now!)

   July 3, 2019   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY | Intro to Godot (it’s so hot right now!)

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Dear Devs,

☀☀☀ It’s summer! ☀☀☀

Please join us at Another Castle in Greenfield for our next installment of MAKE TALK PLAY! This time we’ll hear from another one of our PVGD members (and one of the most decent human we know), Judd Gledhill!

An Intro to the GODOT Game engine.

When we first met Judd a couple of years back, he shocked us as he blathered on about a shiny new game engine he called, Godot. Most of us were skeptical at first…but Judd persisted.

He told us about it’s node-based architecture, it’s open sourceness, the GDscripts, the blue robot logo, the ability to compete with the more popular 2D/3D game engines, and much more…

He’s even using Godot to create a great physics puzzle game called Holy Ship! Maybe he’ll even show you because on July 7th @ 7pm, Judd is going to present at the next MAKE TALK PLAY!

Join Judd and all of us at Another Castle this Sunday (July 7th) to learn more about Godot and how it may be a good, free, open source alternative to your next project.

Hope to see you there!

Pat | PVGD