MAKE TALK PLAY – John Tuttle &

   April 1, 2017   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY – John Tuttle &

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Hey devs! 

It’s time for another Make Talk Play. John Tuttle is one of PVGDs oldest and tallest members and he’s absolutely the newest father in the group. John will be taking the reins at this next MTP to do a quick talk about essential programming design patterns in game dev. 

This talk will be riddled with 1s and 0s discussing state machines and entity component systems (from a very high level)! We know you’ve been wanting to know about this and now you don’t even have to youtube it! 

The talk will not be super technical and has more silly pictures than code so it should be fun for all. Hope to see you there!

Afterward, we can all hang out and discuss things game dev related. We deserve it. 

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