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   December 5, 2015   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY – Julia Ellingboe > Game Design: For Writer’s Block

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Hello game devs! 

This month’s MAKE TALK PLAY is in just 2 days! Way to go last minute scheduling…our bad. BUT! It’s still happening, it is still going to be great and we still want to see you and your game face. 

This month, we’ll have our presentation along with another round of great games on the projector (TBD). Being the first night of Hanukkah, we’ll also just be hanging out and celebrating the act of holiday monthing. It will be fun and you should come and make it more fun. 

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This month, we’re going to hear from Julia Ellingboe in her talk titled, “Game Design as an Interdisciplinary Creative Block Breaker”. 

DESCRIPTION in her own words:

“Once upon a time, I was a prolific writer and photographer. I gradually drifted away from both pursuits after college. Several years later, I started playing tabletop RPGs and within a year, I tried my hand at game design. Designing my first game helped me overcome a long bout of writer’s block. I developed a writing practice, learned new ways to write, and found a new creative outlet. Since then, I’ve returned to writing short fiction. I don’t do much photography, but certainly use my photographer’s eye when I map out the look of a game artifact When I started writing larps, I awoke my inner dramaturg. And so it goes. I design games because they’re fun, and because it helps with other creative endeavors.”

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We hope to see you there! 

Pat & the Pioneer Valley Game Developers