MAKE TALK PLAY – Petricore Games w/Ryan Canuel!

   February 19, 2017   Comments Off on MAKE TALK PLAY – Petricore Games w/Ryan Canuel!

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Hello devs! 

Most of us have at least some experience in what it takes to make a game. We’re smart & creative people with a passion for putting our art together in a cohesive interactive digital or analog format that presents well to people who play and appreciate games. Great! People like our work! Now what do we do? Do we sell the game? Do we start a studio? How do you start a studio? How do you make money? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! 

Well, if this is your brain on game development, then do we have the talk for you! 

This month, we’re bringing you Ryan Canuel, the CEO of Petricore, Inc. Ryan is a great dude who is going to answer all of these burning questions and more (just for you!) at the next MAKE TALK PLAY. 

See you there! 

Pat | Pioneer Valley Game Developers 

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TITLE: How to “Go Indie” and Not Die.

DESCRIPTION:  This talk is for anyone who’s interested in going out on their own and starting their own “indie studio,” but is confused or scared about funding the endeavor. Ryan will put us at ease and focus specifically on tips and tricks for finding contract work, how much to charge, and help us understand the financials of work-for-hire game development.  

Petricore is a game development studio in Worcester, MA which develops it’s own mobile games internally, as well as a large amount of digital interactive content for clients in Desktop, Mobile, and VR.