September 11, 2015   Comments Off on NERD SUMMIT 2015

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Hey Devs,

The PVGD has table at NERD Summit 2015 and we want to show off our work!

BONUS – since you are part of our organization, let us showcase your work too! If you have current, past or future projects, art, business cards or even just want us to talk about the cool stuff you’re doing, please share. How to make that happen? Option 1: Email us and include a description of what you’re working on as well as photos, project inks, app store links, business card art, etc and we’ll put it on display. Email us at [email protected]

Option 2: If you’re planning on attending, please bring by your work and we’ll throw it on the table. Option 3: Maybe you don’t have any work, but you’d like to network with us? We’re looking for volunteers to help run the table. That’s a free ticket and a chance to talk about your great stuff!

It’s going to be a great event. Hope to see you there!